This is legally called a Guarantee of Satisfaction but at US Water Systems, Inc. it is actually our Promise of Satisfaction to you.

Some companies have a 30-day, 90-day or even a 6-month guarantee of satisfaction, but at US Water Systems, we believe that if you build it better and apply it right we should guarantee it better... and we do! So, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee that is DOUBLE who any of our competitors offer: One-Year!

You trust the Master Water Specialists at US Water Systems to provide solutions for tough water problems that you can really live with, and being able to live with it means that our systems have a one year money back guarantee With over 300 years of combined water treatment experience. Our Master Water Specialists and Certified Water Specialists review your water analysis and address your specific water problems. WE then design a system that we guarantee will solve your water problem(s) and back it with our One-Year Money Back Promise (Guarantee).

It all starts with a Laboratory Test of your water. Then, our Master Water Specialists and Certified Water Specialists will review the results of your water analysis and scientifically discuss the best way to treat your water, provide on estimate of how to do that, and then we provide you a One-Year Guarantee of Satisfaction. It's our Promise to You that our system will do what we say or we will give you your money back*