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Many of our water treatment systems require specialized filtration media. These include carbon, cation resin, anion resin, Filtersorb SP3, Greensand, Chemsorb, magnesium, or even just gravel. Each of these types of media have their own flow rates, backwash rates, filtration capacity, etc. In order to effectively treat your water, you must have a good understanding of how your media should be used. Here you will find the resources necessary information for each of the filtration medias we offer. If you don't find what you need here, you can always email us by Clicking Here or call 1-800-608-8792.

Carbon, Ion Exchange Resin, Filtersorb SP3

Filtration Media Videos:

Aquatrol 8% Cross-Linked Cation Softening Resin Premium Grade:

ResinTech 10% Cross-Linked Cation Softening Resin:

ResinTech MBD-10-SC Mixed Bed DI Resin:

ResinTech MBD-30 Color Indicating DI Resin:

ResinTech SIR-100-HP Nitrate Selective Resin:

Filtersorb SP3: