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General Water Testing Kits

General tests for water from a water utility or well.

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Specialized Water Testing Kits

Tests for specific risk-factors & contaminants.

Let's face it, traditional water test results are difficult to figure out. That's why we've chosen to partner with SimpleLabs for all of our water testing kits. SimpleLabs water testing kits are the only smart drinking water test kits available on the market today. These water tests are tested by independent laboratories and have been cited by leading scientific publications. SimpleLab drinking water test kits have also been awarded research grants by the EPA. We consider these water tests to be the future of home water testing services. These tests go beyond what traditional laboratory and test kits provide.

How It Works

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Buy It

Order the water test from our website or by phone. You will receive the test in 1-4 days.

filling a water test with waterfilling a water test with water

Fill it

Once you receive your test, fill the test bottle with untreated water.

shipping a water testshipping a water test

Ship It

Send the test directly to the lab via the FREE SHIPPING label included. Once you ship the test, you can expect a 5 day turn around. 

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Review It

You will receive a water quality report that includes an interactive comprehensive analysis. Every test comes with a free consultation from a certified master water specialist. This specialist will review your test results with you and provide the best water treatment solution based on both your budget and test results. If you decide to go with the suggested system, we offer a $100 credit towards your purchase.

Recieve A Richly Detailed Report

SimpleLab's water quality reports provides a richly detailed overview
of what's in your water and what it means for your plumbing and your health.
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General tests for well and spring water.