What Is DI Water?

DI Water or Deionized water, also known as high purity water, is a type of water that has had its ions removed through the process of ion exchange. It is used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, microelectronics manufacturing, power, food and beverage, and industrial processes. US Water Systems is a company that specializes in water purification systems for these industries, offering several types of deionization systems including disposable cartridges, portable exchange tanks, automatic units, and continuous units.

The highest quality water is produced by mixed-bed deionizers, which use both cation and anion resin beads in the same vessel, but two-bed deionizers have a larger capacity. Continuous deionizers do not require regeneration and are primarily used in labs for polishing. US Water Systems offers standard systems as well as custom-engineered systems for any application, and provides a range of services including installation, sanitization, UV disinfection, quality instrumentation and calibration, chemical injection systems, high purity piping installations, pre-filters, storage tanks, system automation, laboratory analytical services, and more. US Water Systems can handle any size deionization application up to 16,000 gallons per day. Not sure what you need? Call the Certified Water Specialists are US Water Systems today at 800-608-8792. They are ready, willing, and able to help.