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1/29/2018 - Questions Answered

by Mark Timmons January 29, 2018 0 Comments

Q. "After testing our well water it is showing Nitrate-N at 11.62. The County limit is 10. What type of filter would you suggest?"

A. I would recommend a reverse osmosis drinking water system, like this: Aquapurion 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Q. Can the Pulsar Interceptor pre-filter + Pulsar Disruptor sub-micron filter work together as a standalone system?

A. They can, but the water should be pretty clean (Free of iron, sulfur and manganese along with low levels of silica).

Q. I use spring water to feed my refrigerator. Will its filter system eliminate the minerals, etc. in this water that are good for us?

A. A refrigerator filter will not remove minerals, but if you want to benefit from the minerals in the water, be sure to drink a bathtub full of water a day. That way you can at least get 5% to 10% of the minerals your body needs a day. I am being sarcastic - water is not a significant source of minerals so even if your fridge took out the minerals, it would not matter.

Q. Can the water softener removing the scale from old copper pipes cause a leak?

A. I guess it could if a hole was already there and the softener dissolved the scale, but that would seem unlikely.

Q. Greyish water - washing machine doesn't clean well with this water. I want to filter it but don't know what to use. I have a whole house 5 micron filter already.

A. Most likely it is harness and/or manganese, but the very first thing you should do is get a detailed water analysis, like this: Professional Lab Tests Once we know what is in the water, we can recommend an appropriate solution and GUARANTEE the results.

Q. Hi! I am searching for a great "compact" water softener that I can install in a bathroom, is something I can find?

A. Yes, we happen to have a very "great" one right here: US Water Systems Traxx Smart Mini Water Softener - 3/4" Flow - 4 GPM

Q. What would be the best system to remove arsenic? My water test 2.5 times the recommended limit. Also when the tap was turned on I could smell the iron.

A. There are several ways to do this, but we also need to know what other "competing contaminants" are in the water. We need to see a test like this: Professional Lab Tests

Q. What is a good control valve to buy? I had a 4800 Ge system but it broke in less than 4 years. I have salt tank and large canister. Im trying to decide if its worth buying a good quality control valve and using the older tank with new resin. Any thoughts ?

A. There are a number of good valves on the market, but GE has a PROPRIETARY tank that generally does not fit other systems. I would not use the GE... PERIOD!

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