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Buy a Filter or Be a Filter!

by Mark Timmons July 23, 2017 0 Comments

Every day we read about chemical spills, problems with lead in the water, the dangers of chloramine and chlorine, Chromium 6, Rocket Fuel, Pharmaceuticals and on and on... There are lots of problems with our water in America, leaving us with the feeling that our water is under attack. Well, it is! We have all read about the problems in Flint, Michigan and then find out that Flint is the tip of the iceberg. 2,000 other cities may have the same problems... and more. It's obvious that we can no longer trust that our water quality is pure and clean... nor should we!

5 Reasons You Should Think About Filtering Your Water

  1. Buy a Filter or Be a Filter Your body will absorb the chemicals, contaminants and bacteria...or you can buy a filter. The best way is for a filter to do its' job
  2. Remove Chemicals, Chlorine, Chloramine and Pesticides Flint, Michigan was just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of areas with worse problems.
  3. Remove Bacteria and Virus Eliminate pathogens that can be hazardous to every family's health. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with safe water.
  4. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Pharmaceuticals, MTBE, Lead, Chromium 6 and other contaminants can be lurking in your water supply. Protect yourself from the unknown.
  5. Eliminate Limescale From Hard Water In many parts of the county, hard water causes lime scale to form in pipes, plumbing and appliance, costing consumers billions of dollars a year.

Technology now exists that can easily remove most of these contaminants and more. Families think nothing of spending several thousand dollars for entertainment systems but we just take our water for granted? Entertainment for the family is certainly wonderful, but water is health, happiness and life. You can live without entertainment... actually for a long time, although it might not be fun, but your water is vitally important, to your long term health and happiness. I am certainly not saying that you should go without entertainment and treat your water instead, but I am saying that you need to realize the importance of treating your water - seriously. I am not talking about going out and buying a PUR® or BRITA® water filter. The key ingredient in these filters is Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). GAC absorbs and adsorbs chemicals and other contaminants. It does it best with "prolonged contact" with the contaminants. If you cut one of these faucet filters apart, you will find a few ounces of GAC. Another thing to think about is your body's biggest organ - your skin. Chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, chloramine and others are irritants to the skin and mucous membranes. In a shower, the chemicals vaporize so that ingestion of water may not be the primary route of exposure - you can get more of these chemicals in your body through skin absorption, inhalation and vaporization tan you do from drinking the water.

Pulsar modular water filter system

Does that make you want to take a bath in your BRITA in your sink or maybe buy a shower filter? Let's get back to the quantity of carbon in a system, because prolonged contact is vital to removing chemicals. A faucet filter may have up to a half pound of carbon inside while our whole filters have Two Hundred and Sixteen Times that! Which product do you think is going to take the most contaminants out of your water? Some people simply don't care. If you subsist on Fast Food, Junk Food, Sweets and Sodas, this may not be for you. In fact, many people have already quit reading. They aren't going to buy a filter of any consequence - they have elected to be a filter and deal with the hazards that come with that. Buy a filter or be a filter - It's just that simple! If you are interested in filtering your water, you can read more here: Five Reasons To Filter Your Tap Water Cheers!

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