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Do you know who you are dealing with?

by Mark Timmons June 14, 2013 0 Comments

Did you ever go out to a restaurant with the anticipation of having a great meal only to be disappointed to find that the restaurant you dined at wasn't “all that?” In fact, maybe if you had only went inside to check it out earlier, you might not have even went back to that restaurant.

I bring this up because US Water Systems is a full service water treatment company with a team of technical support specialists on staff that is second to none in the industry. We offer technical support and sales help 365 days a year and have over 5,000 water treatment products that we provide to dealers and end-users. If you go on our website, you can see who owns the company and who our employees are. We don't hide anonymously behind a website.

Now however, you can see what kind of a company we really are, by taking a Google Virtual Tour through our facility.

Thanks to Google Business Photos, you can walk right in our front door, on your own computer, and see our operation, from front to back. You can see our customer service area, technical support area, offices, marketing department, warehouse and even the studio where we make our sales, service and installation videos.

We think that is important, because at US Water we have a large investment in people, equipment, training, warehousing and inventory, and the fact of the matter is that there are a pretty high number of businesses selling products on the internet that have no inventory, never answer their phones and operate out of their garages or their mother's basements.

Everyday, we hear the horror stories:

“I can't get anyone to answer my calls and I don't know what to do.” (We answer our phones from 8 AM until 11 PM 365 days a year)

“The company is out of business. What do I do for parts?” (We've been around for a long time and will be around for you every day of the year)

You can check a company out on Angies' List, BBB, WQA or whatever, but you don't always know what kind of company they are... until you actually see them. You can see that we are a Google Trusted Store and that is a very hard thing to get and maintain (it stems from giving excellent service and having a high level of customer satisfaction).

With Google Virtual Tours, you can check out any company before you buy. Well, almost any company. I guess that if they operate out of their garage or mother's basement they may not want you to know that, so they may not have Google Virtual Tour on tier business. We welcome you as a customer and invite you in to check us out before you buy.

FYI: we had this virtual tour done by a really professional video company called “ You Are Here Photography. ” It cost us under $1,000.00 for them to shoot, edit and post the video to Google. They are “Google Trusted Photographers” - that's what they do... and we can use that same video on our website, just like we are right here.

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