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Does Easy Water Work On PVC Pipe?

by Mark Timmons December 18, 2011 2 Comments

Question For The Water Doctor: Can an Easy Water System (the one that wraps around your plumbing) work on PVC pipe? How does that work? isn't it based on magnets? If it doesn't soften the water how is soap use affected? How many other manufacturers subscribe to the technology? - P.A. Dear P.A. , I think a better question is: Does Easy Water work well on ANY pipe? Yes, it works, but how well it works is open to question. Buying an Easy Water System is like buying a furnace that is 40% efficient when others have 96% efficient furnaces. Think about that and read this report before you buy anything: Arizona State University Water Softener Study

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December 19, 2011 MARK W TINER

the link to the report didnt work

December 22, 2011 Mark Timmons

That was written almost 10 years ago. The blog is a living, breathing thing and links change. Sorry, but I did not change it!

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