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Don't Think That Flint, Michigan is Alone!

by Mark Timmons February 07, 2016 0 Comments

By now, just about everyone who has not been hiding under a rock in America has heard about the lead water problems in Flint, Michigan. According to the World Health Organization:

“...lead affects children's brain development resulting in reduced intelligence quotient (IQ), behavioral changes such as shortening of attention span and increased antisocial behavior, and reduced educational attainment. Lead exposure also causes anemia, hypertension, renal impairment, immunotoxicity and toxicity to the reproductive organs. The neurological and behavioral effects of lead are believed to be irreversible.”

Many people want to assign blame, whether it be to the City, the State or Federal Government and I wish them success, but I am here to tell you that this is not an isolated incident. There are many other cities that have lead problems that have not been publicized or detected. Consider this information from a variety of media outlets:

  • Last week, the city of Jackson, Miss., announced that 13 out of 58 homes randomly tested showed lead levels between 17 and 20 parts per billion (p.p.b). The level that is supposed to trigger federal action is 15. -- Time Magazine
  • In a 2011 National Resources Defense Council study, 19 cities were found with pollution and deteriorating plumbing. These included: Albuquerque, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego and Fresno. It was also reported that while some cities did a good job of filing right-to-know reports, others published information that was incomplete, misleading, or buried deep in reports. Moreover, nearly all the cities in the study failed to report on the health effects of contaminants found in the water to their residents. - Salon
  • Ohio health officials confirmed the presence of lead in the drinking water in the town of Sebring and said five local children were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood. -- Time Magazine
  • Data collected by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that over 40 percent of the states that reported lead test results in 2014 have higher rates of lead poisoning among children than Flint. -- The Washington Post
  • Elevated blood-lead levels are seen in a higher percentage of children in parts of Grand Rapids, Jackson, Detroit, Saginaw, Muskegon, Holland and several other cities, proof that the scourge of lead has not been eradicated despite decades of public health campaigns and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to find and eliminate it. -- The Detroit News
  • 18 Cities In Pennsylvania, Including Pittsburgh, Have Higher Lead Exposure Than Flint. -- CBS Pittsburgh
  • Lots of cities have the same lead pipes that poisoned Flint. - Huffington Post

This list can go on for hours, but you should understand that even if you are on a municipal water supply, do you really believe that you can trust the water? If you are a millennial, do you really believe that Social Security will be available for your generation? Maybe it will... but can you count on it? Here's the point: Are you just going to sit back and wait to see what happens or maybe you want to do something about it now and for the future. If you want to take control of water right now to protect you and your family from lead there are lots of options. At US Water Systems, we offer solutions for lead problems in your water that cost as little as $239.00 for a point-of-use drinking water system, such as your kitchen sink. There are also systems that remove the lead and other chemicals for your whole house. Then there is reverse osmosis which not only removes lead but also a plethora of other contaminants from the water supply. In fact, reverse osmosis removes the widest spectrum of contaminants of any water treatment process. Reverse osmosis is available both as a point-of-use system or a whole house water treatment system. All of the lead removal systems are found on the Lead Removal Water Problems Solutions page on our Website, and if you are not sure what you need, call one of our Certified Water Specialists at 800-608-8792. They can help you figure out what is best for your water.


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