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Flint, Michigan Be Very Afraid!

by Mark Timmons January 19, 2016 5 Comments
This post is not written for everyone. If you believe the United States Government will take care of you cradle to grave, then skip this. It's not for you. However, if you believe it is up to you to take responsibility for your own health, welfare and well-being, then read on.

For the uninitiated, due to a series of government snafus (I'm being kind), the water in Flint, Michigan contains high levels of lead. Then there's the serious matter of addressing the long-term health implications of exposing thousands of children to dangerously high levels of lead. How do you fix that? I mean how....? OK, but this is not a political post. Who is responsible? Who is at fault? It makes no difference. If you live in Flint, Michigan you have to ask yourself if you want safe, clean drinking water.

Like a lot of cities, Flint, Michigan has lots of lead pipes and under certain conditions, that lead can leach into the water supply. We can talk about how it's the government's responsibility, but ask yourself: Has the Government ever let you down? I you think you are responsible for your water quality, then we can talk. If I lived in Flint, Michigan I would install a custom water treatment system in my home. It will need to filter the water, remove the lead, remove the bacteria and provide high quality water for you and your family. Isn't that what you want? As a matter of fact, doesn't everyone want that? After that, if you want to purify your drinking water to an even higher level of purity, then you will want to use this for drinking water: Galaxy 5-Stage Economy Reverse Osmosis System

You can complain about your water or you can just be quiet and protect your family. You have the power. If you are not sure what you might need, call one of the Certified Water Specialists at US Water Systems. We care about your water.

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January 23, 2016 A zeigler

Does this use the charged membrane

January 26, 2016 D Horstmann

What’s your take on lapure no salt system? They use “nuclear crystal system with argonit” to descale I understand.

January 27, 2016 Alexa Bartel

Thank you for this article! For so many years I was boiling water, believing it was killing all the gross stuff I was ingesting. But, I didn’t realize that the fluoride in our water becomes heavily concentrated when boiled. This fact was very alarming because It feels like we can’t win regarding water safety.

I’ve been looking into water purification options recently, and just found out that something as simple as water softening systems can make all the difference on our quality of life. Do you have any recommendations?

Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t take the issue of water safety seriously, but hopefully, publications like these bring more awareness on this issue.

Thanks again.


January 30, 2016 Mark Timmons

Yes it does. The last stage before the UV is the Pulasr Charged Membrane Filter, which is effective at reducing the following contaminants:

Chromium VI
Tannic Acid
Humic Acid
Heavy Metals
Fulvic Acid

February 02, 2016 Mark Timmons

It uses Filtersorb SP3 Media which we have used in the past and consider it not a viable technology. If it worked 80% of the time we might still sell it. Sadly, it was way below that threshold.

Here’s what we now offer with 100% effectiveness:

This is our most popular system:

With this for scale control:

We have been offering salt-free systems for over 12 years and this is the best by far. We are extremely excited about it.

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