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Green Water

by Mark Timmons August 29, 2010 0 Comments

Tamara asked:

"Why would we be getting green staining and scale buildup? We have a mutual water company supplying the water, with no elevated levels of anything- slightly alkaline dissolved solids of 30. For 8 years we have been renting a water softener, charcoal filter and R/O system ($67/month). Plumber claims we should not be getting these kinds of problems which could lead to leaks in copper plumbing."

The Water Doctor Responded: I think you should test your treated water:Dirty Green Stained Sink

  1. Green stains are often a sign of electrolysis, which is when copper is being leached from the copper tubing. It will eventually cause leaks. You need to have your "treated water" tested for copper; and
  2. If your water softener is working properly, you should not have any scale. It may not be working properly or is not programmed correctly.

By the way, you have spent almost $6,500.00 on your rental equipment which you indicate is less than satisfactory. Renting equipment is a great deal... for the water treatment dealer, but bad for the consumer!

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