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Is your water safe?

by Mark Timmons September 16, 2013 0 Comments

Do you live in a city? Does that city have a water treatment plant? Odds are that they purify your water with chlorine or chloramine so that you have bacteria-free water. Chlorine and chloramine are not the best things in the world for you, but it is a very effective method of killing bacteria in the water. That is, until there is some type of problem and the municipality issues a "boil alert" meaning that you must boil you water before it can be considered safe. Do you live in the country? Do you have a well? Well, if you do, you know that making sure the water is bacteriologically pure falls on you. No one chlorinates your water, unless you do. Maybe you had your water tested when you bought the house, but how is it now? We frequently see homes where they get a positive bacteria test, so they chlorinate the well and a few days later, the bacteria test comes back negative. But, what about the next week, the next month or the next year? Even if you are on city water, there can be breaks in underground lines that can allow bacteria to enter the water supply or there can be breakdowns at the treatment plant.


If you are truly concerned with the bacterial purity of your water, you won't rest well until you find a solid solution to this problem. Happily, there is a simple solution to this problem. It's a solution that doesn't add any chemicals to the water and requires just a few dollars a year of electricity to operate. It disinfects the way Mother Nature intended using safe, environmentally friendly ultraviolet (UV) light. It eliminates microbiological contaminants such as E-coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia from the water supply - city or well. Ultraviolet works by passing water into a stainless steel reactor chamber. Inside that chamber is a quartz sleeve which allows ultraviolet light to pass through into the water. Inside the quartz sleeve is the UV bulb which operates at 254 nanometers (wavelength). You would not want to look at this light with the naked eye, unless you aspire to be blind. That's why it is fully enclosed in the stainless steel chamber. Once a year, the UV bulb needs to be replaced. With our UV system, it's just a simple "twist and turn" lamp change. The color computer controller displays system functions such as:

  • UV intensity
  • Remaining lamp life
  • Lamp expiration
  • Low UV warning
  • Unsafe water
  • Lamp failure

It even has QR codes that you can read with your smart phone for system diagnostics and maintenance. Our Ultraviolet system is "plug and play" in that it is extremely simple to install. We recommend a 1 Micron filter be installed ahead of the UV chamber, so that the water is as clean as possible. The "tighter" the filtration, the better the UV penetration into the water and the better the kill rate. On well water, we frequently recommend a dual step-down filter with a 5 micron filter followed by a 1 micron filter. An ultraviolet system will provide peace of mind for you and your family in that you will know you have the cleanest water possible.

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