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The Future of Water Softening and Filtration is Here!

by Mark Timmons October 25, 2018 14 Comments
At US Water Systems, we have been working on the next generation of water softeners and water filters for quite some time and the future is now here. Beginning this month, we will release the future of water softening and filtration, NOW! Before I tell you about our new releases, let me first tell you what the parameters were on what we wanted accomplish:

  • We wanted a system that was as close to 100% American-Made as possible;

  • We wanted a control that was built to heavy-duty commercial specifications;

  • We wanted a control that did not use the old-fashioned "dinosaur buttons" which could be programmed in 15 seconds and monitored with a Smartphone; and

  • We wanted to make a system that was highly efficient.

Well, we are extremely excited to announce that we accomplished our mission, and we are releasing nine (count 'em, 9) new Softeners and Backwashing filters based upon our new Waterlogix SmartPhone Technology. No longer do you have to look at a manual or video to figure out how to set, program or monitor your water softener or filter. You simply download the app on your Apple or Android Smartphone and then anytime, you can program or set the time or monitor operation in about fifteen seconds. We are happy to announce that this technology will be applied to the following products:
  1. Matrixx Commercial Water Softener
  2. Matrixx pH Neutralizer
  3. Matrixx Sediment Superfilter
  4. Matrixx Greensand Superfilter
  5. Matrixx GAC Superfilter
  6. Matrixx Catalytic Carbon Superfilter
  7. inFusion Iron and Sulfur Eradication Filter
  8. Bodyguard Plus Superfilter
Our Fusion control has had a good run, but that product is being retired and replaced by the Matrixx Control Valve which is the platform for the inFusion and Bodyguard Plus as well. It is a very robust, commercial-Grade valve and is Made in America. Typical Installation
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November 16, 2018 Ricky sowers

I’m intrested in buying one of your water softeners. I like what I have read about your warrany. I have very hard water around 90 m. And I have 4 kids in the house. I want a good system that will give no problems like your article says. I need to know where to go to buy one or possible have it installed. Ricky

November 17, 2018 Mark Timmons

The best way is to call one of our water specialist and they can point you the right direction.


December 03, 2018 francis tran

I NEED PRICES FOR THIS SYSTEM “The Future of Water Softening and Filtration”

December 03, 2018 Mark Timmons

Here you go:

December 12, 2018 Dan

1. Is the Matrixx system still an “upflow” like the fusion NLT?
2. Can it be programmed on the panel without use of smartphone and app?
3. Our water is hard(25 gpg) well water, there are 3 adults in the home, 2 bathrooms…which size softener would be the most effective/efficient in terms of salt usage and number of regenerations per week?

December 14, 2018 Mark Timmons

1. No, it is not. We have found that unless you have a mechanical method of holding the resin in place during bringing (it tends to “float” in brine), it really offers no advanatges.

2. Yes, but why? You can set it in an instant and program every cycle as well as see water usages on the App. It gives you total control of your system.

3. I would recommend the 15 GPM (53,000 grains).

December 28, 2018 Greg

Matrixx is not upflow brining? I thought the advantage of upflow was reduced salt usage?
I quote your site:
Next Level Technology Upflow Brining – The most effective way to regenerate a water softener is upflow (or counter-current) brining which regenerates only the precise amount of resin needed to bring it back to a full charge. No other technology uses as little salt as counter-current brining, so you save big dollars on salt. Additionally, upflow brining provides softer water and allows dramatically less waste water. This is green technology which dramatically eliminates salt and water waste.

December 29, 2018 Mark Timmons

In theory, that is correct. However, in the real world, with our Matrixx Precision Settings, we are able to do just as well as upflow brining. We believe that is because the bed needs to be “tightly packed” for upflow brining to be more efficient. With the freeboard allowed for backwash, we cannot increase the efficiency over downflow brining. Some companies use a “packed bed” and there are advantages and disadvantages to it. We have considered it, but feel the downside is too significant. We are more concerned with daily performance than jsut being able to point to a number which might not be attainable in the real world. We have also switched to the Vortech tank which allows for better flow rates and decreases water usage by up to 40%. This blog is a living breathing thing and change is inevitable.

January 12, 2019 chris

What Brand of Valve are you using? very interesting tech, have you attempted to work direct with any of the Manufacturers?

January 17, 2019 Mark Timmons

Chris, that is proprietary information. All I can say is that it is made in the USA.

February 17, 2019 Deb

Only interested in salt free that removes viruses and bacteria. From my well water. What do I need to buy and how much is the cost. I live in Florida.

March 06, 2019 Mark Timmons

We have several system that do that. I would need to have more info about your water.

Do you have a laboratory analysis?

December 23, 2019 George Callanan

I have a new home salt water softener,what would happen if it ran out of salt in my absence for two or three months?

December 29, 2019 Mark Timmons

You would have hard water.

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