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The Highest Quality Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems In-Stock & Ready to Ship

by Mark Timmons April 10, 2020 1 comment

Many businesses rely upon high quality water for many of their processes and production. When Reverse Osmosis systems go down or need to be replaced, people often say that they needed it yesterday. In other words, they can't deal with long wait times for a system that is vital to their operation. We have dealt with long lead times in the past and know how disappointing it is to have to wait. It even costs us sales.

About a year ago, we started manufacturing our own Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems, from 500 gpd to 16,000 gpd. Our lead times were 8 to 10 weeks and we wanted to serve our customers better, so we set out to build a better commercial RO that we could have in stock and ship immediately. I am happy to report that we have achieved our goal on both fronts.

The Wait is Over

We now build what we believe is the highest-quality Commercial RO System on the market and there are no lead times because We Can Ship Immediately. We now manufacture eight (8) Commercial ROs in various sizes. Our Raptor Reverse Osmosis System is a Light-Duty ROS system that comes in two sizes: 500 Gallons Per Day and 750 Gallons Per Day. This is for light-commercial applications, including food service, beverages, coffee shops, laboratories, spot-free rinsing, and many other applications, where continuous duty is not required.

The Defender HD Series is a true heavy-duty commercial system with a Goulds Centrifugal Pump designed for continuous and heavy operation. The Defender comes in six (6) sizes from 2,000 gallons per day to 16,000 gallons per day. We have taken everything we have learned in our 45+ years of industry experience and built what is hands down, the best quality system on the market. Often, what differentiates any product from another is not one BIG thing, but many LITTLE things.

The Defender HD

The Defender is designed to be 80% efficient on most water supplies. That means that it will waste just 1 gallon of water for every 4 gallons it makes. It also operates at 80 to 100 psi, instead of 150 to 200 psi like many RO systems. So, not only does it save a tremendous amount of waste water - it also saves 30 to 40% on energy by operating at lower pressure. A side benefit of this is that the lower pressures extend the life and performance of the system. Parts like pumps, motors, fittings, flow meters, tubing and housings work better and last much longer at lower pressures.


US Water Systems Energy Mizer Membranes operates at 80-100 PSI to save energy.

Defender & Raptor Systems Heavy Duty Commercial / Light Duty Commercial

The Defender Commercial RO Systems are built in our factory in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are the Crossroads of America and have our systems in stock and ready to ship. We can have a system to you anywhere in the Continental United States within 2-3 days. Some customers prefer to come to our facility and pick up a system. If you do that you can save the shipping charges and crating charge ($150.00). We can take some time and also make sure that you fully understand the operation and installation of the system.

5 Defenders in various stage of assembly.

Assembling the flow meters and backside plumbing.

Final Stages of assembly. That is a 2,000 gpd on the right and a 16,000 gpd in the middle.

Every RO system is pressure tested, leak tested and the watts and amps recorded. We also video all the systems as they are running and monitor their operation.

Finally, when the system is built, tested and ready to ship, we build a solid wood protective box around it to protect it from freight damage (we learned that the hard way).

Here it is completely crated and ready to go.

When it comes to Commercial or Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems, you simply won't find better quality and craftsmanship than our Defender Series and I haven't even mentioned that our warranty is DOUBLE that of our competitors.

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1 comment

April 11, 2020 Tony Lawal

I will have our VP of Sales contact you.

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