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Water Filtration and Disinfection

by Mark Timmons December 11, 2013 0 Comments

There are a number of people who are interested in filtered water that is bacterially pure, has chlorine and other chemicals removed or reduced, but for a variety of reasons they refuse to consider reverse osmosis. There are several reasons why they might not want RO water:

  • They may be violently opposed to any water waste - I think that is short-sighted in this case, but... OK;
  • They may not have space for storage of RO water if they have higher volume; and
  • They may be opposed to taking the minerals out of the water.

Whatever the reason, US Water decided that if you want filtered and disinfected water without reverse osmosis, we would make the best one on the market... so we did. We designed a system that wastes no water, removes harmful contaminants while leaving the beneficial minerals. The filters need changed usually once a year, unless water conditions dictate more frequency, and the UV bulb needs replaced yearly. If you are looking for clean, pure water in your home, business or even an RV, this may be your best solution. With just an inlet and outlet connection, installation could not be easier. It can be hooked up to any faucet, such as a kitchen sink faucet, bar faucet or can be installed with an optional point-of-use drinking water faucet.

It's my pleasure to introduce the new US Water Filtration Purification Ultraviolet System, Model Number USWS-310UV-50 is designed to remove or reduce chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, tastes and odors and provide water that is bacteria-free for a price almost anyone can afford. We now make the best water filtration system with micron filtration, carbon filtration and ultraviolet disinfection. We also wanted it to be customizable so that customers could also address other issues like Chloramine, Arsenic, Fluoride and Nitrate Reduction, in addition to fine filtration, chlorine, pesticide and chemical reduction. This system has a lifetime warranty on housings and the UV Stainless Steel Chamber (see copy of written warranty) and all parts are NSF and/or WQA Certified. It comes with a 5 Micron Pre-filter, Carbon Block Filter and GAC Filter along with the UV Disinfection Bulb, but as mentioned above the GAC Filter can be replaced with filters for Arsenic, Nitrate, Chloramine and Fluoride Reduction. It is easily installed under a sink or remotely and is made to fit most RV's and Motor Homes.

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