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What on Earth is Brooklynized Water?

by Mark Timmons October 02, 2014 0 Comments

A few years ago, an upstart bagel company approached US Water Systems about treating the water for their new chain of bagel stores. Their story was that some of the best water in the country is in Brooklyn, New York and they say the best bagels come from that type of water. Brooklyn gets their water from the beautiful Catskill Mountains in southeastern New York and the water is low in mineral content, neutral in pH and free of contaminants found in may water supplies. It sounded like a good story and they also told me they had the best bagels in the world. "Of course you do" I thought. A few weeks later, I visited a store in Boca Raton, Florida and was truly amazed when I tasted their bagels. I had a garlic bagel, toasted, with just butter, as my per usual and then followed it up with a poppy-seed bagel with cream cheese. OMG, these are the best bagels I have ever eaten. I was so impressed that I bought a new suitcase and brought back two dozen for the staff at US Water, almost having to fight TSA about it. Long story short: these guys were right about the water. They had designed a system that would produce water nearly identical to Brooklyn water, but they had two (2) problems:

  1. The equipment was not really of commercial-grade or robust enough for continuous operation (they were having lots of breakdowns); and
  2. It was difficult for them to maintain the Brooklynized Quality day-after-day.

That was why they contacted us in the first place - Better quality equipment that would be sustainable and economical and provide consistent water quality. Of course, we delivered all that but confidentiality prohibits me from telling you all that we did and how we did it, but we are now their water treatment provider across USA.... and they still have the best bagels in the world! The heart of the system is the US Water 4000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System (pictured above), but that is only part of the story. Unlike most reverse osmosis system which may waste 6 or 7 gallons of water per gallon of water made, this system wastes 1 gallon for very 3 gallons made, offering incredible water savings and being the greenest water solution. This system is a critical step in providing Brooklynized Water. One parting shot: Their coffee is excellent due to the water quality and their iced coffee is made of ice coffee cubes - they literally freeze coffee which prevents the iced coffee from being diluted. It's outstanding as well. Yes, I shamelessly promote the product because it is the best I have ever tasted... well that, and I can modestly say that they do have the best water. Check them out on the WEB at and tell them The Bagel Doctor, 'er I mean The Water Doctor sent you. Brooklyn Water Bagels - It IS All About the Water!

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