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Who Are You Buying From?

by Mark Timmons August 03, 2012 0 Comments

Go to any website that sells any type of water treatment and once you get there, click on "about us." What are they? What are they about? Who are they? What do you really know about them? Really, who are they? In most cases, you are going to read this Boilerplate BS (that's exactly what it is). They tell you how they have a "commitment to good water." They talk about "design" and "manufacturing" and say all the right things including "peace of mind." But who are they really beyond all the hyperbole of the template they used when they designed the website.? Most have no names. In most cases, you have to hire a detective to find out who the owner is. They are anonymous and like it that way? Why is that? They have their own best interests at heart, not yours. They like to be anonymous because they do not have to be accountable. Frequently, they don't answer their phones and they will never answer if you have a problem. Once the sale is made, they are done with you while they look for the next sucker. When you talk about Dell Computer, you know it is Michael Dell. Apple was Steve Jobs. Microsoft was Bill Gates. Henry Ford! Steve Forbes! Thomas Edison! Col. Sanders, Ray Kroc, Dave Thomas, Charles Schwab - the list is long of business people who were visible and available. They had their name and reputation on the line when they did business. The internet has changed all that. Who are you buying from? Most companies have no information. They don't give you a name. Sometimes they don't give you an address or e-mail. They think you are so stupid you will buy from them anyway. I happen to think that most people are smarter than this, and if you happen to be reading this, the odds are that you are a lot smarter.

Mark & Patty

At US Water, you know who you are dealing with. You are dealing with a family-owned company that is growing faster than any other water treatment business in the USA. Every year, we double our sales. We are Mark Timmons (President) and Patty Timmons (CEO). We are in the office everyday. We worked hard to grow this company and our reputation is something we cherish. We believe in old-fashioned customer service and we take care of our customers. If you aren't sure who you are dealing with, call US Water. We don't hide behind a website. We answer our phones 365 days a year, from 8 AM until 11 PM. We have the best customer service and tech support in the business. We also have a perfect record with the BBB. We care deeply about our customers and have a highly skilled group of Certified Water Specialists with over 120 years of experience to help our customers. We are human. We make mistakes, but we believe that how you respond to your mistakes defines you as a company. We are available and we care about your water. What are you waiting for? You can buy from someone you have no clue about, but I happen to think you are smarter than that! Call us today at 800-608-8792.

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