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Who Are You Really Buying Water Treatment Products From?

by Mark Timmons July 02, 2019 6 Comments

That's a fair question because if you go to most websites you cannot really discover who you are dealing with. I mean, when you buy from Amazon, you know that they are this behemoth and Jeff Bezos is the CEO and you can read books and articles about Amazon and Jeff to understand who you are dealing with... in case you are from another planet. But when you buy a water softener or reverse osmosis system on a website, who are you actually buying from? We get e-mails everyday from people like this:

"Hello, I purchased a fleck 5600SXT from I have been having problems with the system and I have been trying to contact them for months and there is no response from them. I really don't know if you can help me regarding this product if your the manufacturer for this unit, if you can help me regarding this issue please contact me at 818 xx-xxx. Thank you Albert xxxxxxxxx."

So, who are you buying from? Do you know? By the way, we helped Albert solve his problem, but what difference does it make who you deal with? Well, if you ask Albert, it makes a huge difference. Are you buying from a company who is really a guy selling you "drop-ship" products as he sits in his mother's basement in his underwear? How can you know?

Who do you want to buy from - a water treatment company or a marketing company? There are a number of websites which specialize in a very narrow array of products and they make all kinds of claims about how great their products are and how their product or products are the solution to all of your water problems.

Most of the time, when you go to these websites and look up the "ABOUT US" page, you get a bunch of boilerplate and hyperbole about how they are committed to treating your water and all that good stuff, but who are they? Really? Most of the time they are a faceless, nameless company or corporation. They may be owned by a multi-billion dollar company like A.O. Smith or Pentair or they may be a two-man operation out of someone's garage.

That's the beauty and the danger of the internet and most companies hide behind the anonymity of the web. You don't know their names or where they even work. You don't have any idea about their facilities or Customer Service and Technical Support. At US Water Systems we have about 45 employees and our technical support staff have well over 200 years of combined experience.

At US Water Systems, if you go to our website and click on ABOUT US, you will find all about us. You will find that we are a third-generation water treatment business (not some fancy marketing company). My wife and myself work in the business EVERYDAY, and our youngest son is the Sales and Customer Service Manager. He is the next President of US Water Systems, like in the next 5 or 6 years. This is us:

Why We Love What We Do - US Water Systems from US Water Systems on Vimeo.

We are here Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. We are not perfect, but we are not happy until you are. Our job is to help you enjoy your water. I think you will love us and you will love your water!

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July 04, 2019 Steve Moore

Hello I’m looking for a filter for my drilled well. We have 180 ft drilled with 55GPM. Currently the water that comes out is clear and turns yellow in a few minutes. The water test said we have 10PPM iron . Please help

July 06, 2019 Michael Timms

I am really taken back by what I am reading , I have been in the plumbing business for years , my partner is Philippino
my name is nearly the same as yours , I would like to know more, especially about the Limebuster !

July 07, 2019 Cyril Silberman

I’m in the process of redesigning my 400 gallon water storage system on my boat. It suffers from the same old problems as all systems eventually do; hard water and contaminates from some dock facilities, hard water from the on board RO system from time to time, hydrogen sulfide oder from time to time, and the concern for safe drinking water.

My plan is to set up a small pump that will circulate tank water at intervals thru an ultraviolet light, a hydrogen peroxide injector, and a filter system to keep the stored water clean. I will also try to insert a water softener at some point in the system. It occurs to me that I may be well served to consult your firm before starting this project since it appears you have worked your way thru these systems many times and I have only read about the benefits.

An important consideration is the fact that this is on a personal boat, thus space is some what limited and a typical industrial system as shown on your site will certainly not fit into the space. Please let me know how we can work together to advance my project.

Thank you in advance, Cyril

July 08, 2019 Mark Timmons

We will need to see a detailed water analysis, but rest assured, we can solve your problem(s). Can you forward me the water test results?

July 09, 2019 Mark Timmons


I will have one of our Water Specialists contact you.

July 11, 2019 Mark Timmons

Yes, we can help you. While we are big proponents of H2O2, this may or may not be a good application of it. H2O2 is a good oxidizer but not a good disinfectant.

We will need to discuss several things. Please contact me by e-mail at and ask that it be forwarded to Mark.

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