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Why do I need a water test?

by Charlie Dietz August 25, 2013 0 Comments

This is a question that we hear almost all the time. Some people will say "Well, I've got the worst water you have ever seen, so just quote me a system for that." If you have the worst water we have ever seen, then it will probably cost a quarter of a million dollars to fix it. Odds are, we have seen a lot worse water than what you have, even if it seems that awful to you.

There are several reasons why we request a water test.If you are using a private well for your water supply, we definitely need to see a water analysis.There are many different contaminants that can be in your well and without knowing what is in the water it is hard to apply the proper solution.Even city water sources have specific parameters that need to be quantified to set up treatment systems properly.

Everyone that calls wants a water treatment system with a performance guarantee, but it cannot be guaranteed without a water analysis.We can't guess at what equipment to apply and expect a definitive result.You can't go to the doctor and say “I don't feel good. Please give me a prescription to make me feel better”.The doctor will want to run some tests and ask some questions before he starts with a treatment plan.Water treatment is no different.It is not responsible on our part to guess what water treatment you will need and hope for the best.Also, it is very expensive to guess, especially if we guess wrong.If you want the most out of your experience, you will get a water test to ensure success.

In the commercial realm, we get the same question.“I don't have a water test.I just need an estimate.”Again, it is not responsible for us to give you a number based on nothing.Most commercial systems cost thousands of dollars and if you are about to spend that much money, it is in everyone's best interest to get a water test.There are several factors that can dictate the application of an RO system.Most of our commercial systems are custom built and our engineers will demand a water test to guarantee performance.Without a water test a “number” that we would give for a quote has no merit at all.It would again be “a guess”.In the commercial realm, this is very, VERY expensive.

All of our professional water tests go to an independent lab.We price these tests at a very low margin to make this process less expensive for you.These tests are a tool we use and are not intended to be a cash cow.The good thing about our process is that if you purchase a system from us, the cost of the water testing is discounted on the equipment purchase.So this is money well spent and it is incorporated in our final quote.

Water testing is not only important, it is crucial to the success of the relationship between US Water and our customers.

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