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Are Everpure Filters Worth the Price?

by Mark Timmons October 06, 2010 0 Comments

I'll answer that right off with a "NO!" Now, here's why: First of all, Everpure has been around forever and is a solid company, even if they have been sold several times. The fact is that they are a "cash cow" for their owners because of the high prices and profits they get on their proprietary filters. Their "pre-coat" technology is over 50 years old and frankly, I believe that carbon block and other carbon filtration is now superior to that old technology. Don't get me wrong, the Everpure system is a good filtration system - it is just dramatically overpriced. I just talked with a lady today who wanted to buy (2) Everpure H-1200 filters for her Everpure Filtration System. She was going to have top pay over $250.00 for the filters and they told her they should be changed every 6 months. I guess if you want to blow your money like that, you can, but the fact of the matter is that you can buy these drinking water systems, which are arguably as good (or better) than the Everpure: Under the Sink Water Filters and the replacement filters cost you much less. If the water quality were the same or better, why should you spend $500 per year for filters when you can spend far less for the same quality water? WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

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