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Do You Want a Made in America RO System?

by Mark Timmons April 25, 2015 15 Comments

Note: Due to the difficulty of finding reliable suppliers for the parts in this system it has been discontinued for now. We have a lot of customers who ask if our reverse osmosis systems are made in America. We explain that our Galaxy and Aquapurion series are mostly assembled in the USA but they do not use all Made in America parts. We also explain that our American Revolution RO system is made in America with 100% made in America Parts. Here's the deal: The American Revolution RO is the only reverse osmosis system that is Made in America with 100% American Made Parts. THE ONLY ONE!

Made in the USA

There are websites that say Made in America and you can zoom in and see that their tank is Made in Taiwan! Others say Assembled in America. What they leave out is ... with Made in China Parts. I would like to give some of these websites a pass and say that they don't know any better, but I have talked to they and I believe they are simply trying to deceive you - the customer. It's hard to find tanks, brackets, filter housings, membrane housings, automatic shut-off valves, fittings and faucets made in the USA, but we did... and we have the only 100% all Made in USA reverse osmosis system. Period! One website says "Proudly built in the USA" but it is obvious that it has a lot of Chinese or Taiwanese parts. Another one says "Made in USA" and it obviously isn't made with US parts. Maybe you don't know that, but water treatment professionals know it. They are really hoping you don't, so that they can make a sale to you under false pretenses! Of course, those same guys copied a lot of our website several years ago, so they know little about ethics. Look, why lie? We don't tell people that our Galaxy and Aquapurion systems are Made in USA. The Aquapurion does use All-American Filters and the Membrane, but it's not all Made in USA. The American Revolution RO is Made in the USA - 100% - Totally - Everything - End of Story! My advise is "Just Tell the Truth!" If you are looking at any RO system, ask if it is made in the USA. If the "other company" says yes, give us a call and we will tell you the truth. Most of the time, it is not! Not everyone cares, and if you don't then look at our Galaxy or Aquapurion Reverse Osmosis Systems, but if you demand "MADE in USA" for your RO systems, there is only one - the US Water American Revolution RO! Maybe the ways to end all this is to require a seal of approval; from the government or another sanctioning body validating your claims? Thoughts?

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May 11, 2015 Michael J

So where are your water softeners “Made”? I was looking at the Fusion. Is that Made in the USA?

May 12, 2015 Mark Timmons


Our factory is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since we ship them somewhat unassembled, due to the fact that if they were assembled, the freight company would destroy them, we cannot say they are MADE in Indianapolis. You might say they are MADE wherever you are located.

Is that your question, or do you have questions about the “parts?”

We use American Made parts whenever we can, but NO WATER SOFTENER is MADE IN AMERICA with 100% AMERICAN PARTS. Some parts are made in USA, some are sourced from overseas.

At US Water we do make a 100% MADE in AMERICA RO with 100% AMERICAN PARTS, but we can’t do it with the softeners… and neither can anyone else! If they say they do, they are not telling the truth.

Here’s the American Made RO:

Does that answer your question?

Maybe the short answer is it is made with American and overseas parts.

By the way, we get this question a lot and I would like to ask you a few questions:

1. What car company uses the most American Made Parts? (Toyota)
2. Are your clothes and shoes made in America?
3. How about the computer you typed this on?
4. Where is your phone made?

I ask these questions, because we have competitors who SAY their products are made in the USA and they are not! I also want you to realize that while we would like to have our products be made 100% in the USA, some products are simply not available here.

June 07, 2015 Sael

I plan to put up a drinking water business in the Philippines. First of all our source of water is from deep wheel. what system you can recommend with 1000 GPD if possible. Do i need a water softener and what model.

I am interested to buy this kind of RO to used in my up coming business.


June 19, 2015 Mark Timmons

We need a water test first.

July 04, 2015 David

Im looking for a RO for home. Are you selling this product on Amazon?

July 04, 2015 Mark Timmons


We do not sell it on Amazon, but if we did we would add 15% to the price to cover their commission. You also would not get our 7-day a week tech support. So, why would you want to buy it on Amazon? Free Shipping? We have that too!

June 29, 2016 mohammed

Dear Sir.
How are you today?

We would like to inform you that, we are interested at your product RO system and we are need to your catalogue.

Best regards.
Purchasing Manager : Ahmad Haouash AlMaaned.
Company Name: Company Corner Galaa
Manager Name: Ahmad Haouash AlMaaned
Address: AI Suwaldl street opposite Al RaJhl Bank,PO BOX 62229, Rmzalbrede 11585, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel No.: 00966 114 283 366
Phone NO.:00966 533 088 336
Phone NO.:00966 550 333 441

June 30, 2016 Mark Timmons

Everything we have is on our website – we have no catalog.

September 13, 2016 Clark


The components that are made in China etc. How safe are they?


September 15, 2016 Mark Timmons


The ones we use are tested and meet NSF and FDA approval. We are in the process of phasing out all none American Made Filters. Some parts are from the Far East, but they are reputable factories. We strive to be as much American Made as possible… but it’s not always possible.

May 17, 2018 James Pete

As long as not made in China is great…too many toxic none approved China products flooding the market and our govt not doing anything about it….so sad

May 21, 2020 Mark

Do you offer a system that includes UV Treatment?

May 23, 2020 Mark Timmons

We offer UV in a whole house RO system like these: But, on an under sink system, we do not recommend it for several reasons: 1. There is generally no electricity available under the sink; 2. If you install the UV on the RO under the sink, the UV light degrades the tubing and fittings, causing them to become embrittled and break. The damage this causes can be great; 3. The UV light heats up the water and the first draw can actually be hot. If you are concerned about bacteria is a RO system, we suggest this: It typically should be replaced yearly and goes just before the faucet.

October 20, 2022 Rick Schaeffer

Looking for a RO under the sink system capable of removing pfas compounds from drinking a

October 23, 2022 Mark Timmons

Both of these do an excellent job:

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