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Guardians of the Galaxy

by Mark Timmons February 03, 2015 0 Comments

I received an e-mail today which said:

Hey Mark, After reading a bunch of your info I realized, you guys keep referring your competitors very often. Just curious, who you so worried about?? Sincerely, An Educated Consumer

To which I replied:

The sentence you wrote first is a fragment, but I am going to assume that you meant “After reading a bunch of your info I realized, you guys keep referring to your competitors very often.” Who are we so worried about? An uneducated consumer! If you are really an educated consumer, you should have figured that out. We are worried about consumers being tricked by companies telling lies or half-truths. We are the Guardians of the Galaxy! ;)

I guess he/she was puzzled by my response. This was their response:

I am not sure how to respond to your answer. My question was a legitimate question. I was hoping for a serious answer. You are the owner correct?

If you are reader, you know that I am sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic and always passionate about our customers, so I wrote this back:

It is a legitimate question - I agree! I am serious! That's exactly who we are concerned about - The Consumer! What is not serious about that? Now, I admit that Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't serious, but can't we have fun too? BTW, you know who I am, but I have no clue who you are as you can hide behind the anonymity of the web, so excuse me if I have my doubts.

Look, we are going to tell the truth here and maybe be funny at times, tongue-in-cheek at other times, but the consumer is our number one concern. We care about people and their water and don't like to see people taken advantage of. If my writing style offends you, I am sorry, but let me remind you that you don't have to read it! I get lots of e-mails every day from consumers who were tricked, lied to or just plain mislead by other companies. We are not the Guardians of the Galaxy - but we wish we could be! Stay thirsty my friends! Photo Credit: From the Movie Guardians of the Galaxy via Wikipedia

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