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Case Study - Municipal Water Treatment

by Charlie Dietz September 30, 2021 0 Comments



Municipal Water


Cape Fear, NC


Cape Fear Township

Situation / Problem

With the growth of new housing and industries, water treatment facilities must compensate for this increase. They compensate by adding new wells to supply the potable water distribution system. In most states, new wells are required to match the existing supply water quality. This can also be challenging in some areas due to the environment surrounding the aquifer. Due to the fact that well water contaminants can vary from high concentrations to low concentrations, different wells in the same area can produce water with drastically quality. In Cape Fear, the city needed to increase the grid supply pressure and flow during peak usage times.


Cape Fear was able to increase grid supply by adding two wells capable of 200 GPM each. The hardness of the water produced from the new wells was moderately hard measuring around 225 mg/L, while the hardness of the distribution grid measured around 98 mg/L. US Water Systems engineered a 1.5 million grain ion exchange water softening system that utilized a motorized blending valve with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) pump to lower the hardness of the new source water, bringing it in line with the distribution system hardness level. The system is capable of treating 400 gallons per minute or 576,000 gallons per day. Hardness monitors are used to control the blending system and keep the water hardness from the wells at the desired level.

Water Softening Tanks with Valves
Water Softening Tanks with Valves


This fully automated water treatment system was successful in treating 400 GPM of well water. The community will now have enhanced pressure and flow during the peak time of usage. This system is capable of producing the same water the community has always had but with higher performance.

There are many benefits that these water softener systems will bring. The main benefit being much higher water quality. Overall, water softening provides you with drinking water that can help avoid potential health impacts as well! Although small amounts of hard water is okay to consume, over the years it will build up and could cause potential health issues.

Need A Custom System?

With over 20 years in the industry, you can rest easy knowing that you're in expert hands with US Water systems. Our water treatment experts will diagnose your water problems and design a custom treatment solution based on a number of factors including available space and price.

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