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Introducing The Grundfos Scala Pump

by Charlie Dietz September 07, 2021 0 Comments

The Grundfos Scala Pump Series is the latest version of the “all in one” pump family. The Scala pump takes the technology a step further and allows for more versatility with performance and control. At US Water Systems we have been using Grundfos pumps for several years and have always had great success. The previous Grundfos MQ-3 models were widely considered as setting the industry standard for “all in one” pumps.

What's New With The Scala?

We primarily use two different versions of the Scala series pumps in our water treatment applications - The Scala1 is all controlled by your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. You can shut a pump down, get an alert if the pump runs dry or if it runs too long, and many other programmable features. The Scala2 pumps are Scala1 on steroids. Although the smartphone connection is unavailable for the Scala2 (coming later this year), it has much more output capabilities and can adjust the output pressure. These capabilities can be critical in some applications.

Both Scala1 and Scala2 work well with flooded or pressurized feed sources, but Scala1 has better suction capabilities. The Scala1 is the best option for shallow wells or underground storage tanks. The Scala2 allows for pressure adjustment for fluctuating feed pressure or atmospheric tanks with changing pressure. The adjustment feature prevents over-pressurizing.

Most applications will succeed with either the Scala1 or the Scala2, but some specialty applications may require more. Contact a US Water Specialist for more details on even larger Grundfos Scala pumps.

Scala Flow Information

The following flow rates are based on a flooded suction or pressurized feed source.

scala numbersscala numbers
scala pump chartscala pump chart
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