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How to Get Designer Bottled Water From Your Household Tap

by Mark Timmons March 25, 2013 0 Comments
Tap Water

Have you ever calculated the expense of bottled water? It really adds up! Aside from being an ongoing expense, storing the water takes up a lot of space. But there is an easier way to have pure, clean H20 without these annoyances. By incorporating one of many water filter systems in your home, you can have water that's better than any bottle of Evian or Figi that comes straight from the tap.

Big water brands may boil with rage Thanks to the process of reverse osmosis, having purified water in the home is as easy as a quick installation. Reverse osmosis was first practiced in the 1950 in which salt was separated from seawater through desalination. The same technology has been redefined and is now accessible to households who demand the best in health for their family. Most units install under the sink and are completely out of sight.

Here's how it works: pressurized water passes through the water filter removing microorganisms, minerals, silt and pollutants. The remaining waste is cast down the drain out of direct contact. What reaches your glass for drinking (and stovetop for cooking food) is odorless, clean, great-tasting purified water. Most people fail to consider what unseen health risks plague their water. In fact, just last year, a Chicago suburb's water supply was contaminated. In an article published just last year by NBC News, the author reports how the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency issued a warning due to the fact that an excessive amount of the gas vinyl chloride was found in the water (a gas known for causing cancer).

Not only is it alarming that “too much” of this gas was found, but it is ridiculous that the EPA is fine with cities having low levels of the gas. After all, what may not cause significant illness to a healthy 25 year-old may pose greater health risks to children or senior citizens, whose immune systems are more vulnerable. Other contaminates found in tap water across the country include parasites, viruses, bacteria and poisons. In other words, your water may contain arsenic, fluoride and pharmaceuticals that go completely undetected. Investing in a water filter system will safeguard your family with good health, no matter what lurks in the ground or in the city's pipes.

Act now Don't continue to drink, bathe and clean your clothing in the unknown. By investing in a water filter system and accompanying softener, you can get designer water from your tap while investing in your family, and all that you own.

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