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Is Your Body's Engine Running on Premium?

by Mark Timmons March 09, 2013 0 Comments
Woman Drinking Water

Those of us who are fortunate enough to own luxury high-performance sports cars have been told the same thing by auto dealers: use premium high-performance petrol to ensure the engine works properly. This makes total sense, as there is a big difference between fueling a luxury car and a Kia. Our bodies are no different, and if fueled by the right kind of water, can reach high levels of performance. Take a good look at Michelangelo's 'Virtuvian Man' - a drawing of the human form that illustrates how man is the beginning to that which contains the perfect order of architecture.

Thanks to the modern innovation of water filter systems, we can now fuel our bodies with only the best to get maximum results in health and energy that pay homage to the body at its most elegant state.

The specs Water makes up 60 percent of our body weight and 70 percent of our blood volume. In other words, we ARE what we drink. Water is an active accoutrement for most chemical reactions in the human body that support life, and it is impossible to live seven days without water. It is fact that the purer your water is, the more you benefit from it, such as having increased energy, a clearer mind, better circulation, healthier kidneys and a wide array of other bodily benefits. After all, water cleans the blood and powers our vital organs.

Beware of the tap If you are drinking tap water and using it to cook your food, you are most likely providing your body with a subpar fuel source, or even a poisoned one. A reverse osmosis water filter system will ensure that you and your family are fueling your bodies with the best H2O on the market. Tap water has been known to contain chlorination disinfection byproducts that produce trihalomethanes. These are known carcinogens! Furthermore, industrial waste from decades ago still exists in the water that carries toxins like pesticides, TCE and PCB. Prescription medicines and toxic waste that is improperly disposed of can be lurking in your ground water, which pose serious health concerns. Some of these have been known to cause birth defects, cancerous tumors and an array of other developmental disorders.

The reverse osmosis water filter will clean your water through the following process: pressurized water passes through the filter removing all the harmful microorganisms, minerals, silt and pollutants. The waste is sent down the drain out of harm's way. By the time your water reaches your drinking glass (and stovetop for cooking food), you will have odorless, clean healthy water that will fuel your body at top levels of performance.

One final precaution To ensure your water is the healthiest it can be, you will want to test for water hardness. If hard water is present consider one of many water softener systems to protect your home's plumbing. In fact, an article published on Angie's List looks at the damaging effects that hard water has on pipes, and this source advises water softeners as a solution to protect your home's plumbing from being damaged beyond repair due to massive mineral build-up. We only live once, and if we are to invest in ourselves and our family members, making a small investment to provide the body and home with the best water on the market is a no-brainer.

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