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How Water Helps Sell Homes

by Mark Timmons March 02, 2013 0 Comments
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How Water Helps Sell Homes Are you planning on selling your home soon? The market is highly competitive, and sometimes it takes more than granite countertops and walk-in-closets to sell a home. In order for someone to consider buying a house, they must first picture their family growing safely within its walls. Just as clean oxygen keeps our cells alive and healthy, clean water makes a house function well. Hard water can cripple a home and unpurified tap water can pose health risks to the family members who drink it.

Here's a drink to good health By installing one of many in-home water treatment systems, you can showcase your home to buyers as a living space that offers good health in each glass. Through the magic of reverse osmosis, undetected toxic materials are removed that include iron, manganese, lead, fluoride and calcium. Having a water treatment system in the home also rids water of more hazardous chemicals such as pesticides and carcinogens that cause several types of cancer. Reverse osmosis is the process that big brand water companies use to purify their product, so why not add it to your home to have an Evian-like product from the faucet? Contaminated water can been found anywhere from big cities to quiet suburbs, and even in rural areas far from industrial sites. In fact, in an article published by The New York Times, the author reports of a rural farming community in California that was plagued with drinking water that contained chemical fertilizers, animal wastes, pesticides and other substances that infiltrated the tap water of over 300 residents. No matter where one lives, we are all vulnerable to bad water. By installing an in-home filtration system, the new homeowners will sleep well knowing that the only thing going into their drinking glass is purified, clean water.

A solid investment If your home has hard water, you will want to take measures to correct this before putting the house on the market. You can go online and buy a simple kit to test for hard water, but one sure way to tell is if your showerhead has a white, crusty substance on it. Another way to tell if hard water has struck your home is by splattering some drops on a hard surface and letting the droplets dry. If spotting is left over, you have hard water. By selecting on of many water softeners on the market, you will be ridding your water of positively charged metal complexes like gypsum and calcite that cause pipe build-up. Hard water can be so devastating that in many cases the home's plumbing must be replaced—an extremely expensive bill that nobody wants to pay. It causes build-up in appliances such as your dishwasher, laundry machine and hot tub. By investing in a water treatment system and a softener, you will be adding value to your home at little cost, giving buyers a feeling of security that their family members will not be at risk for water-related illnesses. Keep your home's pipes clean and pristine to give your home an edge above the rest.

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