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Why US Water Systems Does Not Sell on Third Party Websites

by Mark Timmons December 26, 2022 2 Comments

I had a customer ask me this very question recently, and it is a worthy question, so I will attempt to answer it for them. When I say, "Third Party Websites," I mean sites like Amazon, E-Bay, Wal Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Some of our competitors sell on these sites and many wonder why we do not do the same. Before I do answer the question, I have to say that we do sell a little bit on Amazon and E-bay. We have a very minimum amount of items on either platform and usually because it's an overstock or discontinued item. That is not to say that we will NEVER sell our products on these websites. It's just that right now, it does not make sense.

Robots Packing for Amazon

REASON #1 - Made in the USA

We manufacture the majority of our own products and if it is a US Water Systems Branded Product, it is also Made in the USA. Pick any water treatment product page on other platforms and you will have difficulty finding any products Made in the USA... and then you have to be careful because plenty are counterfeit! We are US Water Systems and we manufacture products in the USA... not somewhere across the pond.

REASON #2 - Sales Commission

It costs 15 to 20% of the products selling price to sell it on these other platforms. That means that up to 20% of the sales price goes to something other than the product. We manufacture exceptionally high-quality products with the best possible materials and sell them for a fair price. We also have the best Technical Support in the water treatment industry.

REASON #3 - Wrong Applications

This is one of the biggest problems on the internet and we see it every day. There are many sellers on the internet selling what they purport to be "Whole House Water Filters" that are actually a "Point-of-Use" Water Filter. They are too small and perform poorly. Many stores sell a 2.5" x 10" on the internet as a "whole house filter" when in fact, it is really made for maybe just one sink. We sell you the right parts and systems and we will tell you the truth. For a whole house system, you need a larger format filter, such as a 4.5" x 10" or a 4.5" x 20" filter.

Customers go to these websites and buy products that have a snowball's chance (in you know where) of working because they are too small. They misapply their products and when they don't work the customer assumes that all water treatment companies are just charlatans and con artists. They sell water treatment systems that are undersized, misapplied and sometimes just plain lie about what that product does ("It's a salt-free water softener" - when in fact it simply does not even come close to softening the water).

US Water Systems does not even want to be mentioned in the same breath as these companies who are trying to deceive the customer. We urge the customers to get a detailed laboratory water test of their water, and then, armed with that information, we can make a sound recommendation, one that is rooted in science and fact... and guarantee the results. We are the only company that offers what we call the Exclusive Guarantee of Satisfaction, which is essentially a one-year Money-Back Guarantee!

Quality Control Diagram

At US Water Systems, we do not sell you what we want - WE SELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED!

It is impossible to do that on Amazon, Wal-Mart or anyone of these third-party sellers on the internet. They have no phone number, no customer service and no one you can talk to about your water or any subsequent problems.

One good thing (for the consumer) is that usually within 30 days they will take back any product for any reason, but in those thirty days, you may do a lot of "stupid pet tricks" and go through a lot of trouble with products that had ZERO chance of working because they were simply misapplied or undersized.

Unlike any other appliance which just plugs in and uses electricity, a water treatment system plugs into an outlet but also has your water running though it and it is expected to treat that water, no matter what is in that water and at what levels. There are close to 50,000 contaminants that can be in a water supply - at varying levels - and the water may even contain competing contaminants which prevents the system from working.

Why don't we sell on third party websites?

The simple answer is that we want our customers to have their water problems solved and be happy. US Water Systems is not interested in just making a sale! We want to make a customer by solving their water problems... no matter how big or small.

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January 22, 2023 Russel Heinz

I have been a customer for 5 years or more and have found great products and support in setting up and using their equipment. The result has been a vast improvement in our household water, eliminating nasty smell, water clarity and taste. Thanks to US Water for solving our conserns with water.

January 30, 2023 Mark Timmons

Thank you very much for your kind words.

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